Tuesday, September 16, 2008

X&Y and Enterprise 2.0

sHere are the full proceedings of the MashUp* Enterprise 2.0 event. I was prompted to post them here now following  a couple posts on the Capemini CTO blog - X&Y   and Ent 2.0 and Simplicity.

The hook for the latter is "I believe this is to be important because, this is the first t time, a strong relationship can be made between emerging business leadership practices, Web 2.0 phenomena and the practice of IS architecture".

The video's below are worth a look if you want to hear the debate about Web 2.0 applied to the Enterprise and , in my case, why I think we need to develop new thinking to get to the value.

The seems low at the start of this next video - but don't be fooled, the first speaker isn't using the mic for the first moments!