Tuesday, December 11, 2007

From Blog to Book

I'd like to apologise for my lack of posts here over the past few months - here's the reason:


My co-author Carl and I have been beavering away on 'Lost In Translation' for the past eight months or so. Followers of this blog will notice that the core framework introduced in the 'LiT' book was first published on this blog

There'll be lot's of follow-on activities over the next 8-10 weeks – 'LiT' discussions and development will be reported on the LiT blogs.

Of course, I hope you'll read 'Lost In Translation' and and join in the discussion. As you can imagine, I'm pleased to see the thinking being taken forward. It just goes to show blogs can become books!

You can download a pdf of chapter one here.

Thanks goes to my fellow Services Fabric commentators, Sam and Adrian and to others from this blog community who provided practical examples for the book ( contributions are acknowledged in the book). - Thanks NG.