Monday, March 20, 2006


Posit: bringing the event and services views together is at the heart a "Services Fabric" - links to event processing here:

Complex event processing (CEP) is a new technology. It can be applied to extracting and analyzing information from any kind of distributed message-based system. It is developed from the Rapide concepts of (1) causal event modeling, (2) event patterns and pattern matching, and (3) event pattern maps and constraints. Complex event processing can be applied to a wide variety of Enterprise monitoring and management problems, from low level network management to high level enterprise intelligence gathering.

Intelligent automation that saves time and improves resource utilization:

Components of business systems typically have different formats for the information they collect about events. Companies cannot visualize all events from disparate components in a cohesive way to manage their environments efficiently. For example, if an IS team needs to figure out what made a business-critical e-business application go down, they may need to understand 40 different event log formats. Root cause analysis of the problem could require input and analysis by numerous system administrators, spanning the network, web and database.

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Nigel Green said...

I like this statement from Edwin K's post here:

"Business events are important because they represent the glue between business activities and the foundation for realtime analytics. Up until now business events have been second class citizens and often model as a service invocation to some kind of broker. Our goal is to make business events a first class citizen by defining a new event definition language and add the capability to BPEL processes to raise and subscribe to events."