Sunday, June 22, 2008

CADS part II

I just finished writing an email to to my friend Roy Grubb in Hong Kong. I've inclued an excerpt from this email as I think it adds a bit more about where I'm coming from on CADS (Context Aware Dialogue Systems - see earlier post):

"The seed of a follow-on idea to VPEC-T is germinating here this might resonate more with KM discussions. My hypothesis is to take some of the great work of folk like Brenda Dervin and others (perhaps Martin and Dobson - cited in the comments) and combined with VPEC-T come up with a practical (easy-to-grasp) way to describe information systems behavior and therefore help promote simplicity, agility, adoption and usefulness in IT projects (of any type) and, indeed, the efficacy of non-IT information systems. All this in the context of the Web Science thinking (best summed up for me in The Machine is Us )"

I've only glanced at the and the Mike Martin and John Dobson paper referenced, but it does seem to align well. Does anyone know where their research took them and if there is any practical (non-academic) outcome I could learn about?

I mention Brenda Dervin (her work introduced to me by Dave Snowden) not because I've been a long time devotee of her work (although I suspect I will be now!), but because I've just listened to a podcast of one of her lectures and realise we seem to be stumbling into a world that has some fascinating concepts that fit hand-in-glove with where Carl and I had come to with the range 'communication' problems within IT.

Here's a link to some earlier and ongoing brainstorming around CADS.


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