Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Business behaviour before technology

Prompted by Carl Bate's post and Andy Mulholland's post on the Capgemini CTO blog, I felt compelled to add my two-pennies-worth. Recently, I've been working on the seemingly endless challenge of describing why the VPEC-T framework helps both business and IT. To me, the points Carl and Andy make about Business and IT being fused into 'Business Technology' driven by the Web, are reasonable observations but dance around the edge of what really matters - that being behaviour. My hypothesis is that the behaviour of organisations, communities and individuals is what's really behind the 'Web' effect. And it's the examination of behaviour (including and in the context of unfolding events) that helps us understand how to make better us of information technology. Moreover, when we focus on behaviour we can look at both 'top-down', directed aspects and the bottom-up emergent aspects. So isn't a Business Architecture a simple expression of behaviour of a particular network of value (Value Network)?

Here's my attempt at explaining how VPEC-T helps uncover the behaviour of an organisation.
As always, comments and builds most welcome.

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