Saturday, October 25, 2008

5D Lens (aka VPEC-T) as a Mindmap

Roy Grubb, a consultant in Hong Kong, has produced a great Mindmap of the VPEC-T framework as part of a comprehensive review of Lost In Translation and the VPEC-T approach to IS analysis.

Roy's work has reminded me to mention Mindmapping as a tool for applying VPEC-T, particularly when doing a desk exercise. The a pre-developed Mindmap or Concept Map before by a 5D Lens workshop is a great way to get the thinking started.

Thanks Roy!


karen said...

The VPEC-T technology is most comprehensive technology and it is very useful for the people who are aware about this technology but the blog does not contain enough information so new users will not be able to get enough out of it.

Karen Walter

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Nigel Green said...

@karen: Thanks for the comment. I'm a little concerned that you think VPEC-T is a software product or similar. It's a thinking framework so similar to SWOT analysis in its simplest form. There are lots of links to VPEC-T resources on this blog - try following some of the links words and take a look at the Lost In Translation sideshow in the sidebar.


P.S. I am expecting VPEC-T based modelling tools to be developed in the future.